Please note that this is an informal interview (conversations) between the Hijab Cosplayer Mineko Daae. Please advise that the language use is somewhat "bahasa pasar" with some English and Bahasa Melayu all jumbled up. as this article is still unformatted.

Date: 8th Febuary 2020 - Interview compiled by Mumu Alpaka

Cosplay Competition Interview with Mineko Daae

1. Tell me briefly about yourself, on how did you start in cosplay competition (while in Hijab)?

Mineko >> Well, originally my plan to join competition is to get to know people in cosplay. I mean, saya seorang yg pemaku and x pandai bersosial (socially awkward). So, for me, the easiest way to talk to org yg dah biasa cosplay is through competition. Plus, saya suka jadi middle of attention, I love people to look and me, tell me what next to improve. So makin lama, makin banyak competition.

2. What was your first Hijab Cosplan that you did for compeition? and when was it held

Mineko >> TAGCC 2018 kot if x salah, I 1st join competition.

Mineko >> Phosphophilate dri gem2 tu (Houseki no kuni)

3. Did you find any difficulty at first in finding team members or better at solo compeititon?

Mineko >> Yes.. cari team members that compatible with me is hard. so, i keep changing people to see who I'm compatible the most with. but being solo pulak has different difficulties. mcm kalau team, nak buat fighting scene much easier. While solo, nampak mcm a bit awkward, and for me quite hard to remove the awkwardness.

4. Is cosplay competition is like preforming arts? that you have to prepare yourself before participating? tell us more

Mineko >> Yes. Cosplay competition is a form of art. dia mcm theather play, but 5 mnit and less. so mengarang storyline need to be right else audiences x faham story. utk practice depends. usually, at least akan start a month before. yg mana dah decide characters storyline dah ada. just recording suara dan koreography. plus, most of my skit adalah fighting, so practice memang selalu utk both of us selari. i did drama once, but quite hambar the storyline. for now, tengah try nak explore other theme, mcm musical and video games kinda style.

5. Have you won any competition before or how did it felt? Did you want to try to improve the next time around?

Mineko >> Most of the time, menang no 2 je lah kot. So far I remember. Each time menang, I would feel down, insecure, sbb kita fikir mcm, I give my best what else not enough. Apa lebih dia dari aku. apa yg judges nak ak buat utk ak menang? this kind of question always in my mind. that's why if you noticed, after dpt hadiah, I rarely akan stay lama and lepak with anyone. Kita akan terus balik, and sometimes cry sbb rasa mcm pressure tak menang. obviously everyone join sbb nak menang and stuff kan... sbb each time kalah for different reasons. so rasa mcm aku kne belajar itu, kne belajar ini. kne pandai buat itu, buat ini.

Overall, it still feels good to join and win on stage. the right and compatible partner will lead you higher, and define who is leader and who is follower. kalau dua2 sama naik jadi leader, team x kan jalan. Learnt this during buat team dgn (name is censored). hahahahahahhahahahaha. I mean, all the hard work practices still menang so still ok hahahaha but, if kita follow team org lain, kita x rasa mcm ni sgt tau. sbb kita xlead, so kita x rasa mcm ak bertanggungjawab utk pastikan team aku menang. I don't have that mentality if I'm not the leader, so a bit rilex la.

6. What is the most valuable lessons that you learn during cosplay competition?

Mineko >> Differentiate relationship and competition. if anyone out there nak buat team with their partner, the 1st rule is to put aside all personal feelings and issue whenever it comes to practice. your mind, your attitude, your personality should automatically changes, following as if you are the character himself. this is fhe biggest and good lesson. all the fight happens in your team should be non-existing the moment practice and competition taking place. that is rule no 1. sounds harsh is it?

Interviewer >> Harsh? not really, it sounds professional. In some sense, bila naik je on the stage semua kena ready mcm tu.