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Hijab Cosplay (Hijabcos) is a valuable experience and seen as a new up-trending revolution platform for young Muslimah to express their creativity and love towards their favorite Superhero or Anime characters, let it be in cute Anime dress-up or strong armor game characters.

" Keep Calm & Hijab Cosplay " - Hijab Cosplay Website Slogan, 2019.

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Mumu Alpaka (Malaysia)

Web Developer, Editorial, Photographer

Email: mumualpaka @ hijabcosplay.com

Kazeyukii (Indonesia)

Information handler, Hijab Cosplayer

Email: kazeyukii @ hijabcosplay.com

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2019 – Hijab Cosplay .com website is fully powered by Google Sites.

2018 – HLISB, through the Youth Empowerment Programme (Website Development)

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Since this website is for building of the Hijab Cosplay Community, you can advertise with us, however we prefer if it only if its relates with Cosplay. The proceeds from the adverts will go into further developing of the website and contents. Currently we have at least 1,600+ unique visitors on average per-month, majorly from the US, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia and also China. Thank you for supporting this website!