Suzu Tea Moon


Malaysian Hijab Cosplayer

Salam and Hi, Welcome to our Hijab Cosplay Website's Online Interview! tell us more about yourself in your own words that is related to how you started your hijab cosplay journey.

My name is Suzu, I started cosplay back then in 2015 cuz I was inspired by Takara and Ai Nurul hijab styles back then. There weren't many hijab cosplayers back then and my parents would never approve me cosplaying in wig cuz its haram in Islam

Hijab Cosplay Online Interview with Suzu

Q1: Do you have a special name, or cosplay name?


Q2: When did you start to cosplay / hijab cosplay?


Q3: Question: How long have you been in the cosplay community?

3 - 5 years

Q4: Do you have a Cosplay page?

IG : suzu_tea.moon

Q5: Most of your props are DIY?


Q6: What is your most favorite Anime? Cartoon? or Tv-Shows

Bungou Stray Dogs, Vinland Saga, Promare

Q7: Do you still recall of whom inspired you to venture and further improve your Hijab cosplay?

Various hijab cosplayers or I tried to style hijabs by myself

Q8: Do you find Hijab Styling for Cosplay Difficult?

Yes, at first it was a challenge. But that doesn't stop me.

Wearing hijab? what is so hard about that?

Q9: Do you do your own cosplay hijab style or do you get inspired from other hijab cosplayers?

Yes, I often tried my own hijab styling.

Q10: How many hours (or days) did you spend on average to complete one set of cosplay?

Forever 😂😂😂 I do procrastinate on most of my projects

Q11: Do you have socmed account? (FB, IG, Twitter)

(same as above)

Q12. Where are you from?

Selangor, Malaysia.

Q13. What is your most favorite Cosplan? Since cosplayers usually has a few Cosplans in a year, here you can tell which one is your most favorite cosplan and why

Cosplan or cosplay? 😂😂😂 If fav cosplay, i'm planning to do Silverash from Arknights next

Q14. Do you also draw your own artwork?

IG @suzu.artzu

Q15. Do you currently have a favorite Husbando / Waifu?

Dazai Osamu (both BSD and BunAL), Yato Noragami and Rin Okumura Blue Exorcist

(notes: Q16 & Q17 is opt out from this interview)

Q18. Do you have other past time hobbies?



Play with cats

Anime, Tv Shows or Watch Television

Reading Manga, Light novels or Books

Japanese Drama or Jpop Music Video

Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Q19. What made you join the Cosplay?

I want to change the world through cosplay

I wanted to cosplay as the characters that I liked

It just felt like fun in the beginning, that is how I started to cosplay

It is fun and to get involve with other Cosplayers, while making new contacts

I felt that cosplay is a method to escape reality, to release stress from school or work

I like the feel of being fabulously well known among my peers, as it boosts my self-confidence

Q20, What would u do if people judge your cosplay hobby?

I don't care about others opinion, it is my money and time not theirs ~

Q21. What type of hijab style you like most and even using now on a daily basis? (Bonus Question)


Shawl Hijab Style

Short hair style usually use Bawal instead of Shawl

Q22. What do you think of hijabcosplay .com?

It looks simple, I like it.

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