Gumianna Ayaka

Malaysian Hijab Cosplayer

Year Active: 2018

FB: Gumianna

IG: Gumianna

Miss Gumianna is new to the Hijab Cosplay world, and just started cosplay in 2018.

She is from Penang, Malaysia.

Q n A

Question: Do you have a Cosplay page?

Gumianna: I usually upload my cosplay images via my Instagram, @gumianna_ayaka

Question: Most of your props are DIY?

Gumianna: If it’s a simple accessories like bracelet, glasses, and necklace, I will DIY. I’m still learning, so my accessories didn’t turn out that good. But for costume and bigger props, I will order them at online shops.

Question: What is your most favorite Anime? Cartoon?


If anime, Bleach, Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul, BNHA, Re:Zero.

If cartoon, Disney Princesses, and my current obsession, Miraculous Ladybug.

Question: Do you still recall of whom inspired you to venture or further improve your Hijab cosplay?

Gumianna: I always look up to other hijab cosplayers like Miisa MHC, Ai Nurul, Saakira Izumi but didn’t have the courage to become one (probably because I have no one to share this hobby, not until I met my bestfriend). I would say my bestfriend, Yukkin is the one who made me have enough courage to try cosplaying. I introduce her to hijab cosplay, Hana Baozi, and she suddenly said let’s try this and the next thing we know, we did the duo cosplay together at PAM 2018. But she started cosplaying for the first time at CF 2017 last year.

Question: Do you find Hijab Styling for Cosplay Difficult?

Gumianna: Yes, it depends on a character. Most of my future cosplans are male characters so I prefer simple hijab styling. But I would love to try some difficult hijab style for my future cosplan.

Question: How many hours did you spend on average to complete one set of cosplay?

Gumianna: About two hours.

Question: Do you have socmed account? (FB, IG, Twitter)


FB : Gumianna Ayaka

IG : @gumianna_ayaka

Question: Where are you from?

Gumianna: I’m from Penang, Malaysia.

Question: What is your most favorite Cosplan?

Gumianna: My favourite cosplan is Yonebayashi Saiko from Tokyo Ghoul:Re. I really like her because her personality resembles me a lot and she reminds me of myself. *Spoiler Alert for those who didn’t read the manga* I really look up to her because of her character development especially towards the end of the manga. When she focus and put her mind into it, she can do anything! From a girl who likes to depends on others, to someone who being look up to by her kouhai and she took great care of them along with Urie.

Question: Do you also draw your own artwork?

Gumianna: No.

Question: Do you currently have a favorite Husbando / Waifu?

Gumianna: My favourite husbando of course, the one and only, 707 from the game Mystic Messenger.