Sarah Joan Mokhtar

Years Active: A very long time ago until present time

IG: sarahjoanmokhtar

FB: sarahjoanmokhtar

Malaysian Artist Circle

I’ve accidentally met Mdm Sarah Joan’s artwork online, iinm on her Instagram page, which was very inspiring for me personally, and each art has deep meanings behind them. I met her in person was during Comic Art Festival Kuala Lumpur (CAFKL 2017) event, and had a brief chat with her. At the time, I told her that her artwork sort of reminds me of Alphonse Mucha (Czech Art Nouveau painter, in the early 1900’s) because at that time, I was also exploring more on my art side and we clicked on that instance.

Mdm Sarah Joan, iinm is born half Malay, and half Irish decent, which meant her views on our society is different than most Malay Malaysians, which I find interesting to read of her opinions. Also during art events, I always will notice her actively asking questions when there is an Artist Interview session. She is a proactive children book artist, and many others young Artist should follow her example.

Most of her artworks are hand drawn, inking and even coloring. Just that the focus on the message behind the art is what made me attracted to her artwork, of course it is interpreted differently across everyone mind.