Japan Otaku Matsuri Event

Location: Jaya Shopping Centre (Malaysia)

Date: 17-18 August 2019

Cosplay Event

Japan Otaku Matsuri can be considered as a unique event because it is organized by a small group of university students with the same goals of improving themselves through their side cosplay hobbies.

What makes this event more interesting is that, it is handled majority by Hijab Cosplayers, alongside with volunteers from other ACG members as well.

The event also compromised of a singing competition (often favorite Anime songs), Skits, Makeup tutorials, Rapping, Cosplay Performance, Cosplay Competitions, Artist booths, small stores selling merchandises, cosplay clothes and others more.

This is the third time the Organizers of JOM has made a successful event and was overall interesting from before years and well improved as well.

A special thanks and shout-out to all that are involved, directly and indirectly with JOM Event to make it a success.

View more activities caught on video here

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Special Guest Cosplayer: Abudora as Bobba Tea "The Alley" Gijinka Cosplay at Japan Otaku Matsuri 2019 (Event) . Abudora is also an entrepreneur and makes cosplay costumes #abudoracosplay

Special Guest Cosplayer: Yuganasenshi Cosplay as Starbucks Gijinka Cosplay at Japan Otaku Matsuri 2019 (Event) #hijabcosplay

Special Guest Cosplayer: Saakira Izumi as Pizzahut Gjinka Cosplayat Japan Otaku Matsuri 2019 (Event) #hijabcosplay

Saakira is also the President of the JOM event group.

The New and the Old

The event also attracts new and also old cosplayers to find new friends, rekindle old connections while hanging out, having fun cosplaying with friends. That was also one of the main objective of having and going to cosplay related events here in Malaysia.

Often either they will be hanging out, to show off their skills in cosplay, or just meeting with each others to ask how are they doing in life, well going to cosplay events helps in releasing stress and also build new connections, and more often leads to make new business ventures and etc.

Sometimes when we are lucky, are able to bring back fun and happy memories as well.

Thank you for reading!

This article report is prepared by Mumu Alpaka (Photographer / Editor)

P.S. See you at AMG Event on this 31st August 2019