Comic Fiesta 2018

Hijab Cosplay .com - Featured Hijab IdolSTARS Article

Caption: idolSTAR Hijab Cosplay @ Comic Fiesta 2018 KLCC. Picture above taken by Bie Mohd.

Comic Fiesta 2018

Hijab Cosplay .com Featured Article

Written by Mumu Alpaka

Pretty much Comic Fiesta 2018, KLCC Malaysia is all over now.

If you missed out on it, can visit my facebook albums here to see the event photos for the event. Also on hashtag #comicfiesta2018 on instagram to see photographs taken by others as well. I would list them all but that just too much effort. Hijab IdolSTARS photographs can be found here as well (credits to Munchy-chan).

Caption: Hijab Cosplayers, from Naruto (From left: Kakashi, Naruto, and Sasuke) and they also added some custom styling which incorporates the image of modesty in Hijab Cosplay.

New Hijab Cosplayers

There was also an emergence of new Hijab Cosplayers whom just tried out cosplay as a side hobby, and when I asked them they said that they have been trying out cosplay with themselves for a while but only now during Comic Fiesta 2018, they decided to go public.

Hijab IdolSTARS

Well to the common folk like myself, IdolSTARS are entertainers and they also preform (dance and sing in a group). We did enjoyed their songs and dances, especially for those whom spent time outside of the Comic Fiesta Hall on Day 1, at early morning time will notice them near the waterfall area, just in front of the convention center of KLCC. We also thank them for their live performance. Hijab IdolSTARS photographs can be found here as well (credits to Munchy-chan)

Captions: Takara Nogami, as an IdolSTARS Hijab Cosplayer for Comic Fiesta 2018

Hijab Lolita Dressup

Overall, for Comic Fiesta 2018 there has been a surge in new Hijab Cosplayers and some even got lucky with their first debut in cosplay. While others whom are not into anime, they have found a safe haven in dress up, like for example wearing traditional Chinese dress “hanfu” as a cultural exchange experience (check inside the instagram link @hfzslm), and also Hijab Lolita dress up, which is sort of trendy at the moment.

Captions: Hijab Lolita Dress-up Cosplay, are getting more spotlight with their beautiful dress and makeup


We also come across some college students doing assignment to know more about the cosplayers activities, and they were asking on why cosplayers went into cosplay. Perhaps this will be more common in the future, getting interviewed but commonly cosplay hobbies consist of creativity, and also preceded towards a healthy social lifestyle among the cosplay peers (well, to most people in the local cosplay community)

Caption: Image above: Afiq, an Attack on Titan cosplayer being interviewed by a random amoi in KLCC’s garden.