Mineko Daae

Malaysian Hijab Cosplayer

Mineko @ S4O Febuary 2020

Mineko Daae

Year active: 2017 during Comic Fiesta (KLCC)

FB: minekodaae.cosplay

IG: minekodaae

Perhaps what caught my attention was her cynical smile, on the day I first met her. The event was at TAGCC 2018 in Mid Valley. She didn’t want to give out her real name to me at that time, so I only got her screen name, as Mineko Daae.

Still a student, in computer science field. Apparently we become friends, as I was her photographer at that time. Most of her design in cosplay props are DIY. I usually contact her from time to time through whatsapp, if she is not busy studying for her exams or doing her computer science homework.

Mineko currently is in the rising Cosplayer, however she also does both hijab based and wig cosplay as well.

Current known favorite Anime characters - Todoroki (Boku no Hero Academia) and Phos (Houseki no kuni), and occasionally some BL characters.

Hijab Cosplay Online Interview with Mineko Daae

Q1. How did you get the Mineko name?

Mineko: Have you read Helios eclipse?

Me: no, not yet. Is it good?

Mineko: to me its nice

Me: Is it? I try to find it tomorrow

Mineko: That is where I got my nick name from, Mineko

Q2. What motivates you to cosplay as Phos from (Houseki no kuni)

Mineko: Perhaps I feel Phos is cute and clumsy, somewhat like myself

Me: Okay, that’s interesting

Q3: How long have you been in the cosplay community?

Mineko: 0 - 2 years

Q4: Do you have a Cosplay page?


FB: minekodaae.cosplay

IG: minekodaae

Q5: Are most of your props are DIY?

Mineko: Yes

Q6: What is your most favorite Anime? Cartoon? or Tv-Shows

Mineko: One piece, SAO, Junjou Romantica

Q7: Do you still recall of whom inspired you to venture and further improve your Hijab cosplay?

(Optional) This is like an appreciation post towards other Hijab Cosplayers

Mineko: Ai Nurul, Miisa >.< fans of them

Q8: Do you find Hijab Styling for Cosplay Difficult?

Mineko: Yes, at first it was a challange

Q9: Do you do your own cosplay hijab style or do you get inspired from other hijab cosplayers?

Mineko: Depends, sometimes I tried my own styling and it look nice.

Q10: How many hours or days did you spend on average to complete one set of cosplay? you may elaborate if you wish to

Mineko: Depends on how urgent. I love to procrastinate until the last minute.

Q11: Do you have socmed account? (FB, IG, Twitter)

Mineko: Yes, please visit my cosplay page at www.facebook.com/minekodaae

Q12: Where are you from?

Mineko: Selangor, Malaysia

Q13: What is your most favorite Cosplan?

Mineko: my first debut - Sanji (One Piece Character). I really want to cosplay him again in future >.<

Q14: Do you also draw your own artwork?

Mineko: Nope. my hand so keras. (It means she doesn't have art hands, but I guess she can learn it in future if has interest in it)

Q15: Do you currently have a favorite Husbando / Waifu?

Mineko: Yes, but most of them are yaoii characters ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Q16: How do I contact you? (email / whatsapp / messenger?)

Mineko: All. However I prefer whatsapp better >.<

Q17: (Reserved)

Q18: Do you have other past time hobbies?

Mineko: Sleeping

Also me: why I am not surprised lol

Q19: What made you join the Cosplay Community?

Mineko: I wanted to cosplay as the characters that I liked

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