Ai Wish

Malaysian Hijab Cosplayer

🌺 Ai Wish 🌺


Salam and Hi, Welcome to our Hijab Cosplay Website's Online Interview! Tell us briefly about yourself in your own words that is related to how you started to cosplay.

>> Hi everyone! My name is Ai Wish, I'm Hijab Cosplayer from Malaysia.

>> I have start cosplay since Comic Fiesta 2017 until now~ :3

Q1: Do you have a special name, or cosplay name?

Ai Wish

Q2: When did you start hijab cosplay?

Since 2017

Q3: How long have you been in the cosplay community?

0 - 2 years

Q4: Do you have a Cosplay page?

Ai Wish Hijab Cosplayer

Q5: Are most of your props are DIY?


Q6: What is your most favorite Anime? Cartoon? or Tv-Shows

Yakusoku No Neverland (The Promised Neverland), Boku No Hero Academia (My Hero Academia), Kanata No Astra (Astra Lost In Space), RWBY, Darling In The Franxx, Ouran High School Host Club, Diabolik Lovers, Amnesia, Brothers Conflict, Angelic Layer, Tsubasa Chronicles, Fullmental Alchemist, Kyoukai No Kanata & many more!!

Q7: Do you still recall of whom inspired you to venture and further improve your Hijab cosplay?

Yes, my inspired is Ai Nurul. She is so talented on styling hijab and that's make me want to learn styling hijab with my on creativity too.

Q8: Do you find Hijab Styling for Cosplay Difficult?

Yes, at first it was a challenge

Q9: Do you do your own cosplay hijab style or do you get inspired from other hijab cosplayers?

Depends, sometimes I tried my own styling and it look nice.

Q11: Do you have socmed account? (FB, IG, Twitter)

FB: Ai Wish

IG: ai_wish12

Q12: Where are you from?

Klang, Selangor

Q13: What is your most favorite Cosplan?

Kuriyama Mirai because we have a same personality~ :3

" Fuyukai desu.. " (watch here)

Q15: Do you currently have a favorite Husbando / Waifu?

Echizen Ryoma!! :3

Q18: Do you have other past time hobbies?

  • Sleeping
  • Swimming, Hiking or other sports
  • Anime, Tv Shows or Watch Television
  • Korean Drama or Kpop Music Video
  • Reading Manga, Light novels or Books
  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Q19: What made you join the Cosplay?

  • I wanted to cosplay as the characters that I liked
  • It just felt like fun in the beginning, that is how I started to cosplay
  • It is fun and to get involve with other Cosplayers, while making new contacts
  • I felt that cosplay is a method to escape reality, to release stress from school or work