Ameera Mirinin

President of Otakuisians

Malaysian Artist & Digital Artist Circle

Year Active: 2015


Malaysian Artist & Digital Artist Circle

The first time I met her was during CAFKL 2017, since me and Miss Ameera has similar experience establishing clubs in our respective universities we did chat a little about our experiences. Miss Ameera, made Otakuisians in an Islamic university KUIS, while I on the other hand made a similar club in my own university in downtown UniKL MIIT City Campus. Interesting about establishing anime clubs were there will be those whom go against it, but of course it was a different story for my case, since I made friends with the dean of faculties.

Anime Club

But the overall aspects of anime club making is to make the University competitive and interesting, and in a longer run, it actually benefit the University even more.

Just think of it like making Anime club has its own PR values, since the club engage with Cosplay activities, even learning a new language or two (Japanese, Korean), Artworks, and it does keep the students active, which is good thing actually.

It will even gets even more interesting as it also attracts potential students, from high school into the University, when the Anime club is organized properly.


Miss Ameera is an interesting person, as she made her own works, even publish them. She has a booth too if during events, often met her especially during Art events (like in CAFKL) and she is easily to be approached and talk with.

Q n A

Question: What’s your favourite Anime / Tvshow?

Ameera: Favorite Anime? Hmm mostly what is popular or currently in trend, but what I dislike is the horror types. That is for sure *cries*

Question: Do you have any particular music that you like?

Ameera: Pop music, nothing too special. Anything that sound good, I sure will listen to them.

Question: Okay, how about past time hobbies?

Ameera: Past time hobbies? MOVIES! I loved watching movies, there was a time in the past when I couldn’t watch my favorite movies, I was at a loss and just cried in front of the television. But these days, those whom disturbed me during my tv time, shall feel my wrath *evil grins*

Question: How about celebrity crush? Let me guess is it Loki? (Tom Hiddleston)

Ameera: OMGG YAASSS!!!, First and last Hahaha. I never thought that I will have a celebrity crush, yet I got one now .