Lulu Ul Jannah

Year Active: 2012

Fb: Lulu Ul Jannah

IG: lullu.pop


Question: Where did you usually publish your Hijab Artwork?

Lulupop: Instagram

Question: Being Hijab based Artist, do you often view your Artworks as a method of Dakwah?

Lulupop: Maybe

Question: Whom is your source of inspiration for Hijab related Artworks?

Lulupop: Sui ishida

Question: Where are you from?

Lulupop: Indonesia

Question: What is your favorite color when drawing?

Lulupop: Go with the flow, or whatever that means

Question: What’s your favorite Anime /Cartoon / TvShow?

Lulupop: Boku no Hero Academia, Shingeki no Kyojin, Care Bears, Gravity falls

Question: Do you have any particular music, music artist that you like?

Lulupop: Sekai no owari, Goose house

Question: How about past time hobbies? other than drawing Artwork

Lulupop: Singing and Playing puzzle games

Question: How about celebrity crush?

Lulupop: Chris Evan, Dwayne Johnson and Benedict Cumberbatch

Question: Do you have pets at home?

Lulupop: Rabbits