Nico Haruna

Malaysian Hijab Cosplayer

Nico Haruna Mini Gallery

Year active: 2014

IG: nico.haruna90

IG stores: /

In our Malaysian community, we usually call her as Kak Nico. She is also has been around in cosplay world for a longer period, and I’ve personally known her even when before she was married. She is currently a self employed entrepreneur, currently living in Johor (Malaysia) where her husband also resides now. Her husband also in into cosplay, and perhaps that is how they have met, and decided to get married. Their favorite cosplay duo is mostly from One Piece, a popular genre in the Shounen jump circle.

Nico Haruna personality is more down to earth, she is friendly person and approachable also she is a tall person, almost the same height as me (In general Malaysian population, 170cm + is considered tall!) usually if we are in the same event area, I would notice Nico from a mile away and know it is her.

Nico Haruna is currently married with Jimi san, and living in Johor Bahru.

Hijab Cosplay Online Interview with Nico Haruna

Q1: Do you have a special name, or cosplay name?

Nico: Nico Haruna

Q2: When did you start hijab cosplay?

Nico: My 1st hijab cosplay was during Animangaki 2014.

Q3: Reserved

Q4: Reserved

Q5: Are most of your props are DIY?

Nico: I usually cosplay characters without props, easier to move freely XD

Q6: What is your most favorite Anime? Cartoon? or Tv-Shows

(Optional) Please name a few titles, as recommendation for other members to know

Nico: One Piece, Saiyuki, Ranma 1/2, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Shaman King. Mostly are from the old anime series.

Q7: Do you still recall of whom inspired you to venture and further improve your Hijab cosplay?

(Optional) This is like an appreciation post towards other Hijab Cosplayers

Nico: I adore AkiraxKijiya so much when I first saw her photos from Google. Seeing her inspired me to do hijab cosplay in a more conserve and moderate style.

Q8: Do you find Hijab Styling for Cosplay Difficult?

Nico: No, I prefer to do simple hijab styling

Q10: How many hours or days did you spend on average to complete one set of cosplay? you may elaborate if you wish to

(ie: making the dress, props etc. before going to event)

Nico: Most of my costumes are bought or specially tailor-made. On the day of the event, I only have to put on my costumes and hijab at ease :)

Q11: Do you have socmed account? (FB, IG, Twitter)

(Optional) If it is private, you don't need to put it up here

Facebook account: Nico Haruna

Facebook page: NicoJimi Cosplay

Instagram: nico.haruna90

Q12: Where are you from?

(Optional) Country or City location

Nico: I was born in Johor, but I grew up in Hulu Selangor. However, I am currently staying in Johor Bharu after I got married in 2017 :)

Q14: Do you also draw your own artwork?

(Optional) What is your art page link is on Instagram, Tumblr or Deviantart

Nico: I used to draw when I was 14 years old, but I have stopped long time ago. My skills have become rusted lol

Q16: How do I contact you? (email / whatsapp / messenger?)

Nico: Messenger - Nico Haruna

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