Cosplay Competition Interview with Mineko Daae

1. Tell me briefly about yourself, on how did you start in cosplay competition (while in Hijab)?

Mineko >>

Originally my plan when I joined in a competition was to get closer to the cosplay people. Initially I was a person that does not know how to socialize (socially awkward). The best way for me is to directly talk to people whom have went through cosplay competition regularly. Plus, I like to be in the middle of attention, and I love when people look at me when I was performing, and when they give advice to me on how to improve my cosplay experience. The more I compete, the better I will become.

2. What was your first Hijab Cosplan that you did for competition and when was it held?

Mineko >> TAGCC 2018 iinm, the first time I joined a competition.

Mineko >> Phosphophilate (Houseki no kuni)

3. Did you find any difficulty at first in finding team members or better at solo competition?

Mineko >>

Yes personally for me, finding compatible team members is the hardest. I kept on changing partners, just to find the person whom I'm most comfortable with. Being in a solo competition, has a different set of difficulties. Like how when in a team (of more than 2 people) it is much easier to make fighting scenes, than being in a solo competition. Being in a solo competition felt awkward for me honestly, it is hard to remove the awkwardness.

4. Is cosplay competition is like preforming arts? that you have to prepare yourself before participating? tell us more

Mineko >>

Yes. Cosplay competition is a form of art. It is like theater play, well.. just for five minutes. Which is important for you to make a story-line which is easy for the audience to understand and enjoy, and especially for the judges to make sense of this 'theater play' that we have planned. Voice recording and choreography. Plus, most of the skit that I like to do, are the fighting scenes. This will take some time to synchronize with the other partners, and get the ideas out correctly. I did drama scene once, the audience response was not like what I expected it to be (hambar - less people liked it). Now I try to explore other themes, like musical and video game style of presentation.

5. Have you won any competition before or how did it felt? Did you want to try to improve the next time around?

Mineko >>

Right now, the highest that I got in cosplay competition is just second place. I had my disappointment and regrets moments, I guess everyone has. Who doesn't want to become winners after practicing and planning. Just my advice is, find a good leader that can bring your team into greater heights, and a good team leader is someone whom listens.

6. What is the most valuable lessons that you learn during cosplay competition?

Mineko >>

Differentiate relationship and competition. If anyone out there wants to make a team with their chosen team members, the first rule is you need to put all of your personal feelings and issues aside when it comes to practice sessions. It means, your mind and attitude needs to be fully ready, and to exert the character that you wish to express during the cosplay competition. All disputes that you have with your team members need to put aside first during practice sessions and competition. It sounds harsh, but that is the first rule.

Date: 14th April 2020 - Interview compiled by Mumu Alpaka