Imanina Makhtar Squidward

Year Active: Since 2014

FB: Imanina Makhtar

ImaNami is a special person that I met on socmed fb, often she loves to post about Memes, or artworks of her special Squidward, and sometimes awareness about mental health, depression and on self help topics. She is an open minded person, doesn’t judge a person preferences, and supportive to other interests. Me and Imanina has a mutual understanding between art minded persona, and I respect her well, as an artist and also a friend on fb.

Q n A

Question: Where did you usually publish your Hijab Artwork?

ImanNami: Fb, Instagram and DeviantArt

Question: Being Hijab based Artist, do you often view your Artworks as a method of Dakwah?

ImanNami: Maybe

Question: How do you usually draw?


1. Sketch first using pencil on paper, later inking / coloring, when finished upload on IG / Artpage

2. Sketch using digital software / app, coloring too

3. I usually visualize in my mind first, then when its done, I just draw the art until its done

4. I will take some time to see other people’s artwork, once inspired I will start drawing

Question: Whom is your source of inspiration for Hijab related Artworks?

ImanNami: Ana Muslim’s artist

Mumu: Interesting (Ana Muslim is a Malaysian, children or young adult magazine that targets for Muslimah Artworks)

Question: Where are you from?

ImanNami: Terengganu

Question: What’s your favorite Anime /Cartoon / TvShow?

ImanNami: Steven Universe, Squidward (SpongeBob SqPants)

Question: Do you have any particular music, music artist that you like?

ImanNami: IU, Korean Singer (Kpop?)

Question: How about past time hobbies? other than drawing Artwork

ImanNami: Singing

Question: How about celebrity crush?

ImanNami: Brendon Urie

Question: Do you have pets at home?

ImanNami: Imaginary / Virtual pet

Mumu: same